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Meeting Documents: Great Southern Bank Annual General Meeting 2021

We recommend logging in to our online platform at least 30minutes prior to the scheduled commencement time for the Meeting using the instructions set out in the Virtual Meeting Online Guide

Date:              Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Time:               2.30pm (AEST) (with registration opening at 2.00pm)

AGM Information Line: 1300 494 781

We invite you to join us at this year’s virtual Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Credit Union Australia Ltd, trading as Great Southern Bank (Great Southern Bank).

Our Proposed New Constitution

This year’s AGM will be especially important because you’ll be asked to vote for a simpler, fairer, more customer-focused Constitution.

In doing so you’ll be taking part in a historic conversation between the bank and you, our owners, that stretches back to our very founding in Sydney in 1946.

This New Constitution is designed to honour that history, to reaffirm our commitment to being customer owned and to ensure we are well positioned for the coming years. Your needs remain at the heart of these changes, as we pursue our mission to help all Australians own their own home.

More information about these changes and how to ask questions at this year’s AGM is available in the 2021 Notice of Meeting and Explanatory Memorandum.

A copy of the New Constitution is available at gsb.com.au/newconstitution

The Current Constitution is available at gsb.com.au/constitution

As one of our members and owners, we encourage you to participate in the AGM and we look forward to hearing your views on our growth as a strong, sustainable and relevant member-focused organisation.

In accordance with best practice Corporate Governance for member owned institutions, Great Southern Bank has outsourced the administration of our Annual General Meeting and associated communications to Link Market Services Limited. Link has extensive experience delivering meeting services for clients in the public, private and government sectors, with 771 meetings managed by Link during 2020, of which 393 were virtual meetings. Link also holds an ISO27001 accreditation – the highest global standard – for its information security management systems.

As a member, you have been allotted one Member Share which gives you the right to opt in to receive a copy of the Annual Report. Members also have the right to attend and vote at any Meetings of Members and the right to nominate to become one of our directors. These rights are subject to the provisions of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and our Constitution.

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You are welcome to attend the AGM which is usually held in November. At the AGM, active members can:

1) Participate in our Governance

2) Ask questions about and share your thoughts on our strategy, financial standing and performance

3) Ask questions of the auditor about the conduct of the audit and the preparation and content of the auditor’s report

4) Vote on any resolutions put to members, including resolutions to amend our Constitution

In the event there is a special resolution requiring a vote and you are unable to attend the meeting, you have the opportunity to make your wishes known by appointing a proxy to cast a vote on your behalf.

After you have been a member for 12 months or more, you will have the right to nominate to become a director. The Great Southern Bank is heavily regulated and therefore nominees will need to have the right skills before being considered as a candidate for nomination for the Board. We typically call for Board nominations in early July and further information is available below.

You can choose the extent to which you wish to participate in our corporate life. We hope that you will see your membership as a valuable relationship with us and that you can assist in helping us grow and evolve as a business.

Annual Report

Every year, we produce an Annual Report for our members which provides information about our financial position and performance for that year. It also gives you, our member, information on the strategic direction and management of the company, the broader economic and regulatory environment and the financial risks facing the organisation.

The Annual Report is published around mid-October each year and copies of previous reports are available at gsb.com.au/annual report

If you wish to be notified when we release the Annual Report and any Notices of Meetings setting out matters for discussion at each meeting, you may opt in via the form below. If you choose not to opt in to receive notifications regarding the Annual Report and Notices of Meetings, these will still be available for you to view below when the meeting documentation becomes available.

If you have any questions please visit your local branch, call us on 133 282 or email company.secretary@gsb.com.au.

To be notified when we publish the Annual Report and any Notices of Meetings on our website, please complete the form below

Note: Please call 133 282 to update any personal details as this form cannot be used for this purpose.

I wish to receive notification of when the following documents are available on the Great Southern Bank website: * *

Nominations for Election of Directors

Nominations as a candidate for the election of directors can be made each year during the nominations open period which will be made available each year on this page of the website.

Any nominations need to meet our constitutional requirements and be made in an approved format.

For more information download a copy of the Nominations Pack below or email us at company.secretary@gsb.com.au with any queries you may have.

Nominations have closed for the 2021 AGM

Information and Nomination Pack

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The results of the 2013 Annual General Meeting of Credit Union Australia Ltd (CUA) held in the Bayside Rooms 5&6, Level 2 RACV Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne on Tuesday 12 November 2014 are as follows:

Total votes received: 2955*

FOR: 93.3%



* comprising Chairs proxies 2893, Director proxies 12 and individual votes on the night 50

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