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Your card, your way

Stay in control on the go
Manage your cards anywhere and at any time from the convenience of your phone.
Temporary card lock
Misplaced your card? You can lock it and keep your account secure while you look for it. Then simply unlock it when you find it.
Flexible card controls
Switch various card functions on or off depending on how you want to use your card.
Security in your hands
You can change your PIN or cancel your card in online and mobile banking 24/7 if you think your card has been compromised.

Card controls

Managed in the mobile banking app, card controls are easy to use and can help you monitor spending, reduce fraud, and take charge of your finances like never before.

Types of controls

  • In-store card purchases

    Choose if you want to use your card for physical card purchases when tapping, inserting, or swiping your card in-store.

  • Online purchases

    Decide if you want your card to be used for online purchases, such as buying on a website using your card details.

  • Mobile device purchases

    Choose if you want to make tap and pay and in-app purchases from a digital wallet like Apple Pay or Google Pay on your phone or wearable.

  • ATM cash withdrawals

    Want to avoid cash withdrawals? That's easily done. Simply use card controls to disable cash withdrawals at all ATMs.

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Temporary card lock

Misplaced your debit card? You can lock it while you look for it and simply unlock it when you find it.

Temporary card lock keeps your card secure and saves you the hassle of cancelling your card. While your card is locked you can stay safe in the knowledge that:

  • No purchases can be made using your physical or digital card.
  • No unauthorised online purchases can be made.
  • Recurring transactions like streaming subscriptions or gym memberships will be unaffected.

If you don’t find your card, you can report it lost or stolen in online banking.

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Change your PIN

Have peace of mind knowing that you can change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) at any time.

Use online or mobile banking to set your PIN for the first time or reset it if it’s been forgotten or compromised.

Keep your PIN a secret.

Your PIN helps deter unauthorised persons from accessing your bank account. Always memorise your PIN and never disclose it to another person.

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Report lost and stolen cards

Losing your debit card is never a good feeling. If this happens, you can cancel it and order a new one any time of the day or night.

Reporting lost and stolen cards is easy in online banking and will give you peace of mind that your money is protected and that a new card is on the way.

You can expect your new card to arrive in the post within 7-10 days. If your card was stored in your digital wallet, it will be added automatically and ready to use straight away.

Lost your card? Report it immediately.

If you don't report your card, you could be held liable for any charges on the card after it was lost or stolen.

Notifying us of your lost or stolen card results in its automatic cancellation and stops thieves from gaining access to your money.

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