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Send and receive money from overseas
If you need to get money to or from overseas friends or businesses, we can help. We work with foreign exchange specialist, Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) to offer a range of timely and reliable international payment options.
Send money overseas
Receive money from overseas
Taking money overseas
Send money overseas
Overseas Payments

$0 fee for sending timely transfers directly into an overseas bank account


Send a bank draft in the post to make overseas payments

Receive money from overseas
Inward Transfers

Have funds transferred directly into your Great Southern Bank account from overseas

Foreign Currency Cheque Conversions

Convert drafts and cheques (in a foreign currency) into Australian Dollars for credit into your Great Southern Bank account

Taking money overseas
Foreign Cash

Order your foreign cash with Great Southern Bank

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Travel Insurance

Jetting or cruising off on your next adventure should be easy and enjoyable. Travel insurance can help minimise the cost if something goes wrong.

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