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Business Banking
Credit Cards
Everyday Banking
Business Banking
Redraw Request – Business Loan
Details of Additional Official
Credit Cards
Additional Cardholder Application Form
Balance Transfer Form
Card Dispute Form
Credit Card Account Closure Application
Credit Card Application Form
Credit Card Direct Debit Request Form
Credit Limit Decrease Application
Credit Limit Increase Application Form
Everyday Banking
Account/Membership Closure Form
Add a PayID
Add or delete signatory on personal account
Cards & Cheque Books Application
Certification of Identification Documents
Certification Of Identification Documents (Individuals Under 18)
Change Of Credit Information Letter
Change Of Debit Information Letter
Change of name – individuals
Salary Switch Template
Great Southern Bank - Switch to Regular Payments and Notice of Variation
Switching Made Simple Guide
Direct Debit Request Service Agreement
Domestic Transfer Request Form
EFT enquiry and complaint form - TS09 Form
EFT Increase Limit
Periodical Payment Authority
Term Deposit Application Form - Business or Organisation
Term Deposit Application Form
Term Deposit Early Release Form


Financial Services Guide
Financial Services Guide
Car Insurance
Motor Insurance - Product Disclosure Statement
Caravan & trailer insurance
Caravan & Trailer Insurance - Product Disclosure Statement
Home and Contents
Home Buildings Key Fact Sheet
Great Southern Bank Home and Contents Insurance PDS
Home Contents Key Fact Sheet
Landlord Insurance
Landlord Building Key Fact Sheet
Landlord Contents Key Fact Sheet
Great Southern Bank Landlord Insurance PDS
Travel Insurance
Travel insurance - Product Disclosure Statement
Full Currency List (2013)
Request a Telegraphic Transfer
Request International Draft
Restricted Countries List (2013)