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Paying down your home loan just got easier

How it works
Simply set an amount between $0.01 and $5 to automatically transfer to your home loan account every time you use your Great Southern Bank Visa Debit card.
Repay as you spend
You’ll be making extra repayments into your home loan every time you buy a cup of coffee, fill up the car, or go grocery shopping. Just imagine how much faster you could pay off your home loan.
Easy to setup and manage
Switch The Boost on and off in online banking and don’t worry about leaving yourself short. If you don’t have the required amount in your account, The Boost won’t come out1. Genius!
Up to three Boosts per account
Boost multiple accounts every time you spend. You can pay off your home loan, save for a holiday and top-up the kid’s savings all in one go.

If you’re looking for a way to own your home sooner, we’ve got a clever solution. It’s called The Boost and it can help you make payments into your home loan account every time you spend.

Boost your repayment power
Pay down your home loan faster

Simply set an amount between $0.01 and $5 to automatically transfer to your home loan account every time you use your Great Southern Bank Visa Debit card. You’ll be making extra repayments every time you spend.

You could save $2,000 extra a year

When you set up one $2 Boost and make an average of three transactions a day, you’ll repay over $2,000 a year without having to think about it!

Save time and money

With extra repayments of $2,000 per year or more easily achievable with The Boost, you could shave years off your repayment term.

What you need to Boost your home loan

Everyday accounts

Open an account in less than five minutes.

Home loans

Find the loan that fits your needs.


Own your home sooner with The Boost

Setting up just one $2 Boost can make a huge difference to your home loan repayments. And the best part is you’ll own your home sooner.

Use the slider below to calculate how much you could repay by adding a Boost to your regular monthly spend.

Boost saving code
Your monthly spend
You can save
per month!
How to set up The Boost
1. Login to online banking

Get started by selecting The Boost from the left-hand menu.

2. Create a new Boost

Choose your ‘from’ account2 and select your home loan account, then set your transfer amount. Repeat this step to set up to three Boosts.

3. Turn on and off at anytime

Simply log in to online banking to switch The Boost on and off or make changes in an instant.


The Boost handy helpers

Can The Boost help me reduce my loan term?

The short answer is yes. The length of time you will save will depend on your pre-set Boost amount and how frequently you use your debit card, but we have an average to give you an idea.

Many of our customers have saved an extra $200 a month simply by setting up The Boost on their Great Southern Bank Everyday Account. Imagine this applied to your loan.

How much could I repay with The Boost?

On average, our customers have used The Boost to save an extra $2,000 a year. They do this by simply setting The Boost to $2 and making an average of three transactions a day.

If you were to apply this to your home loan,  you’d be making $2,000 in extra repayments by simply paying an extra $6 off your home loan each day!

The amount that you repay will depend on your own Boost amount and how often you make a transaction; but rest assured, the small payments can make a big difference.

How do I change or switch off The Boost?

You can switch The Boost on and off and change your amount quickly and easily in online banking. Your changes are instant, so you don’t have to wait.

If you are switching off a Boost because you are worried you don’t have enough in your transaction account, don’t worry! If you don’t have the required amount available, the Boost won’t come out. It’s designed to help you bank smarter not harder.

If you have an Overdraft or Line of Credit account: Please note that your Boost will come out even if you don’t have the required available balance. This means that if the Boost takes your Overdraft or Line of Credit account into a debit balance then interest is payable.

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Important Information

Great Southern Bank, a business name of Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959, AFSL 238317. Conditions, fees and charges apply. This is general information and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  Consider the appropriateness of the information, including the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) booklet, before acting on it. The Financial Claims Scheme may apply to this product; refer to the T&Cs for more information.

1 If you have an overdraft or a line of credit: please note that The Boost will take your account into debit if the required balance isn’t available. If your Boost takes the account into debit, interest will be payable.

2 The Boost is not available on business accounts.