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Home Loans
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Home Loans

How much can I borrow?
Find out how much you could borrow for a home or investment property
What will my repayments be?
Get a quick estimate of your repayments
Rent vs buy
Why rent when you could buy?
Calculate the upfront costs
Get a quick estimate on the common upfront costs.
Government fees calculator
Estimate the government fees, such as Stamp Duty and Mortgage Registration, you may need to pay when buying a property.
Loan comparison calculator
Compare two different loans to estimate which loan could help you save time and money.
Refinance calculator
See how much you can save with a Great Southern Bank home loan

Personal Loans

Personal Loans repayment calculator
Discover what you can afford and how quickly you can pay off with a Great Southern Bank personal loan


Budget planner calculator
Understand where you spend your money.