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How a Visa Debit Card makes your everyday account less “everyday”

25 February 2019

How a Visa Debit Card makes your everyday account less “everyday”

How “everyday” is your transaction account? Some are great for the basics like processing your pay regularly and come with a cash card for withdrawing money at ATMs. Others have no monthly fees, unlimited fee-free transactions and offer a few more bells and whistles that give you greater freedom to shop anywhere.

Having a Visa Debit Card with your everyday account can literally make a world of difference. It not only opens up millions more places to shop around the globe and online, but also more ways to shop and more rewards, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

More places to shop

Unlike your ordinary debit card, a Visa Debit Card is your passport to global shopping. As one of the most widely accepted cards around the world, it means you can literally shop ‘til you drop at millions of physical and online retailers. It opens up more possibilities on your overseas travels and makes shopping locally even more convenient.

Securely shop online

Picking up that must-have online bargain is also safer using a Visa Debit Card. Widely accepted around the world, it comes with the additional security of 'Visa Secure', where you can use a unique security token to confirm your identity as the cardholder. It makes for a more secure online shopping experience and delivers added peace of mind.

Tap & Pay your way

With a Visa Debit Card, you can shop in more stores simply by tapping your card on the EFTPOS card reader. Contactless payments are so popular for purchases under $100 and much faster than swiping and entering your PIN. And to make shopping even easier, you can now digitally load your Visa Debit Card onto your smartphone and make purchases without reaching for your wallet. Simply add the appropriate digital wallet for your smartphone (Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay) and you can start tapping and paying with your phone.

A more entertaining card

Apart from greater access and more convenient shopping, a Visa Debit Card provides a huge range of rewards and discounts through Visa Entertainment . With a Visa Debit Card, you can enjoy exclusive access to pre-sale concert tickets, special offers and priority seating. It’s your ticket to the best seats at the very best shows.

More responsible spending

Another advantage of using a Visa Debit Card with your everyday transaction account is that you’re only spending your money, and not racking up a big credit card bill that may attract high interest charges. Plus, when it’s your money, you’re less likely to splash out on big impulse purchases you can’t afford. It makes budgeting and managing your money responsibly much easier.

When you add a Visa Debit Card to an everyday account that offers no monthly fees, unlimited fee-free transactions and access to thousands of free ATMs across Australia, as well as millions of stores online and around the globe, you can feel more confident about managing your money better.




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