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Decluttering tips that will also make you money

02 April 2024
• 2 minute read
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Let’s start with an exercise. Stand up. Raise your arms wide. Now spin around.

If you’ve knocked over a pile of Star Wars DVDs, a collection of waving kittens and a stack of old TV Weeks, it’s time to declutter.

Clutter can weigh us down physically, mentally, and financially. But dedicate a few hours to the task of decluttering and that weight is lifted from your shoulders. With a bit of luck, your wallet might even feel a little heavier.

The benefits of decluttering

Decluttering goes beyond just tidying up the space around you. Here are some benefits you can look forward to:

Reduced stress and anxiety: A clutter-free environment promotes mental clarity and reduces feelings of being overwhelmed. With less clutter, you can focus better and accomplish tasks more efficiently.

Enhanced creativity: A tidy space fosters a feeling of freedom and creativity, allowing new ideas to flow.

Financial gains: Decluttering helps you sort out items of value that can be sold for cash on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Depop and Gumtree.

5 decluttering tips that will make you money

Speaking of cash, here’s a handful of practical tips that will help you declutter and boost your bank balance:

1. Sell your second fridge

Many households have an extra fridge tucked away in the laundry or shed. These whitegoods are often wasteful, consuming energy and valuable space. Consider selling your second fridge to earn some cash and save on energy bills.

2. Clear out your wardrobe and cupboards

Go through your cupboards and donate or sell items you no longer use or need. There’s a big market for quality secondhand clothes. You'll free up space and potentially make good money. The same goes for accessories or other household items in good condition.

3. Sell your old phones and tech

With technology evolving rapidly, it's easy to accumulate older model phones, tablets, and gadgets. Instead of letting them collect dust, sell them online or trade them in for cash.

4. Sell your books, vinyls, CDs, games, and DVDs

If Carlton’s 1995 Grand Final DVD is still in the player, it’s time to let it go. There's still a market for quality DVDs, CDs and books, and even more demand for secondhand vinyl records.

5. Do a digital declutter

Digital clutter can grow even faster than that in the physical world. So, even if your space is neat, take the time to focus on your digital environment.

Unsubscribe from streaming or storage services you don’t need. Organise your photos, delete unused apps, unsubscribe from newsletters and clean up your emails.

Embrace the benefits of decluttering by adopting these practical tips. You can improve your living space, mental wellbeing and finances. Set aside a few hours this weekend and start decluttering.

Oh, you can stop spinning now.

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