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What are eStatements?

eStatements are an electronic version of your regular bank statements – they are available in online banking for you to view and download whenever you need.

Why has Great Southern Bank introduced eStatements?

At Great Southern Bank, we’re always looking for ways to minimise our impact on the environment and ensure your online banking remains safe. Switching to eStatements allows you to do both at the same time.

eStatements are not only better for the environment, they’re also safer as only you can access them securely from online banking. You can also conveniently and easily view your personal statements from up to 5 years ago.

What do I need to do to register for eStatements?

If you’re an existing customer, but don’t have online banking yet, you can register for online banking here. It only takes one minute and you’ll be automatically set up for eStatements when you register.

If you’re already set up for online banking, simply login and go the 'My Details' screen in online banking and ensure your correct email address is listed. Finally, go to the 'eStatement' screen in online banking and click on ‘Switch to eStatements’.

If you're new to Great Southern Bank, you can register for online banking, eStatements and electronic notices as part of your online application for a Great Southern Bank everyday account, savings account, or term deposit.

How do I view my eStatements?

eStatements are accessed via online banking and you can view statements on your phone, tablet or computer.

Simply log in to online banking and select ‘eStatements’ from the left-hand menu. In the ‘Date Range’ fields, choose the statement date period that you want. Click on ‘Show eStatements’ and your eStatements will be available to view.

Please note, if you have selected ‘All’ in the ‘Date Range’ field and you cannot see all of your statements, you will need to enter a specific date range using the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ fields.

Are there any additional steps I need to take to protect my eStatements?

Make sure you always keep your online banking password secure. You also need to make sure you close all windows that you’ve opened to display your eStatements to protect your account information.

When you view eStatements on a mobile device, it may still be visible after you have signed out of online banking. Make sure you close any eStatements you have opened and sign out of online banking.

Can I switch back to paper statements in the future?

Yes. Simply log on to online banking and go to the ‘My Details’ screen. Select ‘Paper statements’ from the ‘Statement Preferences’ drop-down menu and save the changes. You’ll then receive paper statements from your next statement period.

How can I update my email address for eStatements?

It’s easy - simply log on to online banking and select ‘My Details’ from the left-hand menu, then check or update your email address.

Will I receive notification that my eStatement is available?

Yes – we’ll send you an email notification when your statement is ready. Your statement period will remain the same with eStatements as it was for your paper statements. For example, if you previously received your statement in the post every six months, then you’ll receive a notification email that your eStatement is ready every six months.

Can I change how often I receive my eStatements?

Please call us on 133 282 or pop in to your local branch to change your statement period. You cannot change your statement period preference online.

Why am I receiving paper statements again?

If we no longer have a valid email address for you, you will default to receiving paper statements again. You can opt back in for eStatements by logging on to online banking and registering via the ‘eStatements’ screen.

I have a joint account – do both of us have to opt in if we want to switch to eStatements?

eStatements mirror your current paper statements which are by customer, rather than account. This means that, if you both currently receive separate statements which include details of your joint account, you can both independently decide whether to switch off paper statements and opt for eStatements. However, if your joint account is only included in one statement received by the primary account owner at present, then the primary owner will be the only one who needs to opt in to eStatements.

Will my eStatements be accepted for tax or other financial purpose?

Yes, just like a paper statement, eStatements are legal documents and are accepted by organisations such as the Australian Tax Office.

Will I still be able to access past eStatements if I close my account?

As long as you remain an active customer of Great Southern Bank, you’ll still be registered for online banking and be able to access historical statements for up to 5 years. However, if you close your last account and cease to be a customer, all your facilities will be closed including access to eStatements in online banking.

Can I receive an eStatement for all my accounts?

You can receive an eStatement for most accounts. Sometimes we’ll still need to send paper statements for some accounts, depending on the account type or your relationship as a signatory or owner.