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Digital banking is more secure than you think

19 September 2018

Digital banking is more secure than you think

When it comes to digital banking, security is key. In fact, digital banking can be more secure than other, more traditional methods of banking. So why then, are there so many misconceptions regarding the security of Mobile and Online banking, Tap & Pay and the New Payments Platform (NPP)?


“Anyone can use my email address or phone number to make NPP (powered by Osko) payments or access my bank details without me knowing.”

Your email address and phone number (your PayID) cannot be used to withdraw money from your account. Your details can only be used to receive money.

NPP is an industry-wide initiative using world-leading technology and data security standards. With a secure log in using your customer number and Web Access Code (WAC) and a 24/7 monitoring service, nothing happens to your account without you knowing.

We’ve got lots more information available to help members stay secure and protected from fraud.

Learn more about NPP and PayID

Tap & Pay.

Tap and Pay using my smart phone is unsafe. I could lose my phone or it could be hacked and my card details stolen. Or someone could add my card to their phone without me knowing.”  

Paying with your phone is safer than you think. Only you can add your card to your phone. When you choose to add a debit or credit card for payments, we send you a secure one-time security code to activate your device.

The addition of Fingerprint, FaceID or device Passcodes to make payments using your phone also adds another layer of protection. We always recommend setting a strong passcode of at least six or more characters that only you know.

Should the unthinkable happen, and your phone is lost or stolen, no card details are stored on your device.

Learn more about Tap & Pay for Google pay, Apple pay and Samsung pay

Mobile & Online banking.

Mobile and Online banking are a security risk to my personal information.”

Great Southern Bank have strict security measures in place to keep your information safe. Your member number and Web Access Code (WAC) are required to securely log in. And all information used in the app or online is encrypted.

For extra peace of mind you can choose to receive alerts whenever a cardless transaction occurs in your account. Plus, alerts when your WAC has been locked due to multiple failed attempts.

Learn more about Mobile Banking and Online Banking

At Great Southern Bank, the convenience of easier, faster banking doesn’t come at the cost of your banking or personal information security.

Digital services are easy to set up, and simple to use, so why not let us help you get started today?

Don’t miss out, join the hundreds of thousands of Great Southern Bank members already benefiting from a range of digital products at Great Southern Bank.

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