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What is PayTo?

Keeping track of your direct debits can be tricky and time-consuming. PayTo lets you take control.

PayTo allows you to authorise and manage direct debit payments from participating businesses, quickly and easily in online banking.

View your gym membership, TV and music subscriptions, energy bills, and more all in the one secure place – and always know when funds are leaving your account.

Conveniently manage your direct debits in online banking

Your account won’t be
debited until you approve the vendor.
Easily pause your direct
debits whenever you need to.
Quickly reactivate payments at your convenience.
Cancel or update a PayTo agreement online at any time.

Smarter spending. Less life admin.

  • Better oversight
    You’ll always know how many direct debits you have with participating businesses. Easily keep track of what services you use (and don’t use), and when payments are coming out of your bank account.
  • More control
    The power is with the customer. You can view, pause, resume, change debit accounts or PayID and cancel your PayTo agreements with participating suppliers in one secure place.
  • Save time
    No need to spend time on hold with each supplier. Manage everything in online banking at a time that suits you.
Get started with PayTo
1. Log in to online banking

Log in to Great Southern Bank Online Banking to get started.

2. Navigate to PayTo

When a supplier sets up a PayTo agreement it will appear here for you to review.

3. Manage agreements

You can choose to authorise, pause, resume, change your linked account or cancel your PayTo agreements in the one secure place.

Don’t have online banking?

PayTo FAQs

Have a question? Find everything you need
to know about PayTo here.

What is PayTo and how can it be used?

PayTo is a new, digital way to pre-authorise payments from your bank account. It's easy to set up using a PayID or BSB and account number.

With PayTo customers can:

  • See the status of each agreement.
  • View upcoming and recurring payments, all in the one secure place.
  • Cancel payments and check if they have gone through.

Businesses and merchants can offer PayTo as an alternative payment method for a variety of products and services, such as subscriptions, online or in-app purchases.

Who owns PayTo?

PayTo is an initiative of NPP Australia, the organisation that runs Australia’s real-time payments infrastructure.

The NPP is owned by 13 financial institutions, you can learn more by visiting their website.

How does PayTo work?

When you sign up for a participating service that offers PayTo direct debit payments (such as a music subscription or gym membership) a PayTo agreement detailing the payment terms will appear in your online banking.

You’ll have the opportunity to review the agreement before choosing to authorise or reject the agreement. Your account won’t be debited until you authorise your agreement and you can view, pause, resume, or cancel all your PayTo agreements in online banking at any time.

Do you need to use a PayID with PayTo?

PayTo agreements can be created using a PayID linked to your bank account or by using your BSB and account number.

Is PayTo free to use?

Some businesses or direct debit providers may charge an administrative fee to use PayTo. This is at the discretion of each business, so we recommend checking before you authorise a PayTo agreement. Using Great Southern Bank Online Banking is free.

Is PayTo secure?

PayTo is subject to the same levels of security as other digital payments and transfers made from your bank account. PayTo payments can only be taken from your account if a PayTo agreement has been authorised. Your account won’t be debited until you give the ok.

Is PayTo a replacement for direct debit?

No. While PayTo streamlines the current direct debit system for businesses and allows customers more control over their payments, there is no requirement to switch to PayTo.

PayTo is a new and more modern alternative for digital and direct payments and allows for a range of different recurring payment types including fixed and variable amounts and changes in payment frequency.

Important Information

Terms and conditions applying to PayTo, and to PayID and the New Payments Platform more generally, are set out in our Terms & Conditions.