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How to feel less anxious about money

07 December 2020

How to feel less anxious about money

Money worries can be mentally taxing – sometimes it feels like we’re one emergency away from having our savings completely ruined. At other times, we don’t even know when we’re feeling anxious about money until we stop and face our concerns head on. Thankfully, most worries that stem from money can be fixed by applying positive actions – and they don’t have to be drastic, either.

Unhealthy attitudes to money can manifest themselves in a number of ways. You may refuse to spend money at all, or maybe you overspend and commit yourself to debts you can’t pay back. You could also be in denial and refuse to acknowledge your problems, or find it difficult to organise or discuss your finances. All of this is a sign of money stress or anxiety, especially if it’s interfering with your everyday life.

So let’s look at ways to curb your money anxiety. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds! All it takes is a few steps to get back in control and reign in any overspending.

Check out our handy infographic to help you to feel more confident about your finances.




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