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10 ways to declutter your life and finances

02 November 2020
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10 ways to declutter your life and finances

This year has brought plenty of challenges that are impacting our personal and financial wellbeing. Staying afloat mentally, physically and financially has never been more important. And being surrounded by clutter will only add to your stress levels. So, to help you spring into the final quarter of a year we’d all probably like to reset, we have some handy tips on decluttering your personal and financial life.

  • Start by clearing out your home of any clothes you haven’t worn for some time, or outdated appliances and technology. Donate them to charity or sell  on Gumtree – you could find yourself sitting on a small pile of cash.
  • Clear out your pantry and fridge of all those foods that are past their due dates or now home to something that moves! Apart from taking up space, consuming expired goods may also be harmful to your health.
  • For better health, try eliminating one thing from your diet that isn’t absolutely necessary, like caffeine, sugar, or alcohol. Home lockdown has us all eating and drinking more, so try going a month without one of these as a start, and see how much better you feel.
  • Try a household digital detox. The daily news and social media can be filled with so much anxiety-causing stuff, so switch the TV off, put the phone or tablet down and shutdown the computer.
  • Review your online bank statements to see what regular debits are eating away at your money. Are unused gym memberships or streaming subscriptions slowing the growth of your savings? If so, cancel them.
  • Look at your credit cards, home loan, insurances and super. Reviewing these big-ticket finance items can make a big difference.
  • See how many credit cards you have, including store cards and buy-now-pay-later plans. If it’s starting to become an effort to keep track of them, consider consolidating these debts into one personal loan with a lower interest rate, set payments and a fixed term.
  • If you have a home loan, see what you owe and what interest rate you’re currently paying. Australian home loan interest rates are at record low levels, so you could look into refinancing and save some serious money .
  • Check if you’re paying for any additional insurance cover that you no longer need. For example,  check that your health insurance  passes the test for your current situation. You may be able to change your cover to save some money.
  • Knowledge is empowering, so make a budget and write down some goals you’d like to achieve in the next few years.
  • Decluttering your life of unnecessary things can be very therapeutic and rewarding, resulting in improved physical, mental and financial wellbeing. It can also deliver greater purpose, a sense of acomplishment and a great boost of energy, so get stuck into those piles and get organised in the spring season of renewal.




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