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Great Southern Bank is committed to creating and celebrating a diverse and inclusive culture, where employees can shine and develop to their full potential regardless of background, disability, sexual orientation, cultural beliefs, gender, age or where they live or work. We embrace diversity by respecting each other's differences. We work with each other to make sure careers, with us, are full of opportunities, challenges and highlights. We believe that helping employees reach their full potential delivers a superior banking experience to our customers. Our customer promise of life rich banking guides how we think, act and communicate with each other and all stakeholders with whom we do business. We want our employees to have pride in themselves and be proud to be part of a Great Southern Bank culture that values inclusion, diversity of thought and backgrounds.

Employer of choice for gender equality

In 2015, Great Southern Bank received the Workplace Gender Equality Agency's Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation for the second year in a row. Great Southern Bank was among only 90 organisations to receive the citation for 2015. The citation recognises Great Southern Bank's ongoing commitment and effort to building a diverse and equitable workplace which values cultural differences and promotes gender equality.  Great Southern Bank has been recognised as an Employer of Choice for Women for 8 consecutive years.

CEO Rob Goudswaard is also a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador, which reinforces Great Southern Bank's commitment to remove gender bias in all talent management systems. This continues Great Southern Bank's support of WGEA's pay equity campaign, following our involvement in the Daughter Water campaign during 2014.

GBA Diversity Council

The Great Southern Bank Diversity Council is chaired by our CEO Paul Lewis and consists of representatives from across Great Southern Bank. The Council helps to develop strategies and sponsor initiatives that promote an inclusive, innovative and collaborative workplace that allows people to shine.

In 2012, the Australian Workplace Gender Equality Act expanded the focus from equal opportunity for women to improving gender equality in the workplace (i.e. women and men being offered the same opportunities in the workplace). Great Southern Bank's Diversity Council has also embraced this expanded focus.

What Great Southern Bank will deliver

With key input from our Diversity Council, Great Southern Bank will continue working on delivering:

  • Improved gender equality in the workplace
  • Inclusive work practices
  • Workplace flexibility including consideration of family and caring responsibilities

Australian Marriage Equality

Great Southern Bank, along with other businesses, industry and sporting leaders, have expressed our support for marriage equality. We understand that our employees, members and others may hold differing views on marriage equality and respect that right. Click  here to view.

People of Great Southern Bank

Each and every one of us brings our unique talents and experiences to Great Southern Bank. No two of us are absolutely alike and it's that diversity that contributes to ensuring Great Southern Bank continues to innovate, grow and remain in touch with the customers and communities we serve.

We want you to shine.  We'll work with you to make sure your career with us is full of opportunities, challenges and highlights – all the things that make work interesting and help you grow professionally.

We believe that helping you reach your full potential enriches the service experience for our customers and creates a life rich company culture.  Whether we help by empowering you to build your skills or focus on helping you achieve your career goals or give you the support needed to help balance career and home – it's all about assisting you to let your best self shine though.

Read about our Great Southern Bank employees below.

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