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ATM Skimming is a high-tech scam where criminals install a skimming device over the ATM card slot and record the data on a card’s magnetic strip. A pin-hole camera may also be installed to record your PIN number as you use the ATM.

Once your card has been ‘skimmed’ the scammers can create a copy of your card and use it to make purchases on your account.

We all work too hard for our money to have it stolen from us, but it is possible to protect yourself with these five simple steps.

If you suspect your card has been skimmed

Contact us immediately on 133 282 so we can secure your account and assist you further.

1. Know the signs of ATM Skimming

Familiarise yourself with your local ATM and check for abnormalities such as scratches, adhesive tape, or loose-fitting components. Extra plastic panels or components that look like they have been hastily attached may also be a sign the ATM has been tampered with.

Be on the lookout for people behaving suspiciously nearby and don’t use the ATM if you are unsure.

2. Protect your pin

Use your hand as a shield when entering your pin on the keypad and never disclose your PIN to another person.

3. Check the keypad

Some criminals use keypad overlays instead of cameras to capture pins. These devices record keystrokes electronically, so check for anything that seems to have been placed over the top of the keypad that moves, seems unusual, or does not match the ATM.

4. Know your balance and check your statements

You can securely check your balance at any time using online banking or our mobile banking app. You can also set up email or SMS notifications when a transaction is made. If a suspicious transaction occurs, you will be alerted and can take action straight away.

Don’t forget to check your statements when they arrive and contact us if you notice any unauthorised transactions.

5. Report suspicious activity

If you suspect an ATM has been tampered with or has a card skimming device attached, don’t use it, and contact us immediately.

The ATM will also have a phone number located on the machine for you to report your suspicions to the ATM owner.

Suspect your card has been skimmed?

If you think someone has obtained your card details or you have accidently given someone your details, please call us immediately on 133 282 so we can assist you further.

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