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In this privacy notice, “we”, “us”, “our” means Credit Union Australia Limited (trading as Great Southern Bank), CUA Management Pty Ltd and Credicorp Insurance Pty Ltd (“Great Southern Bank”).

How we collect your personal information

We collect information directly from you and from third parties. Those third parties are listed below. Every time you apply for a product or service we’ll let you know what information we need and who we will collect it from.

Why we collect your personal information

We use your information to identify you, assess your credit worthiness, set up and manage your membership, accounts and relationship with Great Southern Bank (including related rewards and insurance programs) and to undertake research and development. In many instances, collection of your information is required by law, for example, under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006, the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 and the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. Without collecting your information we may not be able to provide you with our products. We also use your information for other purposes, including keeping you informed about products and services issued or distributed by Great Southern Bank and trusted third parties.

Who we share information with

We may collect and disclose your personal information from and to third parties including:

  • Our agents, assignees and contractors
  • Our service providers including those used for identity verification, software/IT support, account management (including payments), mailing material to you, customer and product research and accounting, legal and audit services
  • Your referees, employers and tax agents
  • Government agencies when required or authorised by law
  • Courts and dispute resolution schemes
  • Entities within the Credit Union Australia Limited group
  • Credit reporting bodies and other credit providers (including second mortgagees)
  • Managers and funding providers of securitisation facilities
  • Insurers and re-insurers for policies taken out through Great Southern Bank
  • Organisations involved in the administration of our rewards programs
  • Debt collection agencies, settlement agencies and valuers
  • Guarantors and joint-borrowers
  • Other organisations with your consent

We also share limited information, such as your email address, with data aggregators and analysts (including social media and virtual community providers). This helps us provide you with more personalised and timely communications. If you’re uncomfortable with this please let us know and we won’t use or share your information in this way. We may also disclose your personal information to trusted third parties depending on the products or services you want. We’ll tell you who they are when you apply for that product or service, and refer you to their privacy policy. Some of our service providers are located overseas. Our privacy policy lists the countries where they’re located.

Further information and Notifiable Matters

The Great Southern Bank Group Privacy Policy and our Privacy at Great Southern Bank page, at or in hard copy on request, includes details about:

  • how you can access your information;
  • how you can correct information you believe to be inaccurate or incomplete;
  • credit reporting including the name and contact details of credit reporting bodies to which we disclose your information, the types of information we disclose and your rights in relation to that information;
  • what to do if you believe that we have breached the Privacy Act, Australian Privacy Principles or the Privacy (Credit Reporting) Code, and how we will handle your complaint; and
  • information about our rights and your rights in respect of your credit information (including in respect of default, access and correction, direct marketing and fraud).

All privacy queries can be referred to our Privacy Dispute Officer by emailing, phoning 133 282, or writing to GPO Box 100, Brisbane QLD 4001.

Lenders Mortgage Insurance (“LMI”) Privacy Notice

(This Notice is relevant for home loan applications where Great Southern Bank will or may seek LMI)

In this Notice, “the Insurer” means the insurers listed in the Schedule, acting alone or collectively.

How the Insurer collects your information

Great Southern Bank will share your information with the Insurer. The Insurer may also collect your information (including sensitive information) over the life of the mortgage insurance policy. By applying for a loan with LMI you consent to the Insurer making the following inquiries of credit reporting bodies in respect of any borrower or guarantor at any time or times after the application is received:

  • commercial credit information (concerning your credit worthiness or history);
  • consumer information (including credit reporting information); and
  • repayment history information.

Why the Insurer collects your information

The Insurer collects information to assess, issue, administer and secure the LMI policy, including dealing with claims and recovering proceeds.

Can I refuse to share my information with the Insurer?

You can withhold consent for the Insurer collecting your information but they are then unlikely to issue LMI. This in turn may prevent Great Southern Bank approving your loan.

How the Insurer uses your information

The Insurer uses your information to:

  • assess the risk of providing LMI to Great Southern Bank, you defaulting on your home loan and you being unable to meet a liability that might arise under a guarantee given to Great Southern Bank to another person;
  • administer or vary any LMI cover provided, including dealing with claims, recovery of proceeds and enforcing the mortgage in the place of Great Southern Bank;
  • conduct risk assessment and management involving securitisation, credit scoring, portfolio analysis, reporting, fraud prevention and claim recovery;
  • comply with legislative and regulatory requirements, including the Privacy Act and the Insurance Contracts Act; and
  • for such other purposes as may be permitted by the Privacy Act.

Who the Insurer may share your information with

The Insurer may disclose your information as permitted by the Privacy Act for any purpose set out in this Notice to: its related companies; Great Southern Bank; reinsurers and other mortgage insurers; credit reporting bodies (details of relevant credit reporting bodies are set out in the Schedule below - for more information about credit reporting, including the types of information the Insurer discloses and your rights in relation to that information, please see the Insurer’s Credit Reporting Policy); guarantors or potential guarantors; its service providers (including marketing companies, data consultants and IT contractors); its and your agents, contractors and external advisers; parties involved in any relevant securitisation program (or similar transaction); your referees, including your employer; government and other regulatory or industry bodies; external dispute resolution bodies; mercantile agents if you default on your loan obligations; payment system operators; other financial institutions and credit providers.

The Insurer may disclose your information to an overseas entity. The countries where such entities are located are set out in the Insurer’s Privacy Policy.

Where permitted by the Privacy Act, the Insurer may also disclose your information to a credit reporting body for any purpose set out in this Notice. The credit reporting body may then include your information in reports that the credit reporting body gives other organisations (such as other lenders) to help them assess your credit worthiness. Some of the information may adversely affect your credit worthiness (such as if you have defaulted on your loan or commit a serious credit infringement) and accordingly, may affect your ability to obtain credit from other lenders.

The Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Policy

The Insurer’s Privacy Policy and Credit Reporting Policy are available on the Insurer’s website or by contacting them and asking for a copy. Each policy contains information about:

  • how you can access and correct your personal information (including credit information and credit eligibility information) that the Insurer holds;
  • how you can make a complaint about a breach by the Insurer of the Privacy Act (including the Australian Privacy Principles, the credit reporting provisions in Part IIIA, the Credit Reporting Code and any other registered privacy code that binds the Insurer in respect of your information); and
  • how the Insurer deal with such complaints.

“the Insurer” means:

Genworth Financial Mortgage Insurance Pty Ltd

GPO Box 3952, Sydney NSW 2001

Ph: 02 8248 2597



QBE Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance Limited

GPO Box 82, Sydney NSW 2001

Ph: 1300 367 764



“credit reporting bodies” means:


Ph: 13 83 32


Ph: 1300 783 684



Ph: 13 23 33