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The Clever Way Home Podcast
Episode 6 - Loan types: fixed vs. variable

03 March 2022
• 1 minute read
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Fixed vs variable – what’s the right loan for you?

Once you’ve saved up your deposit and found the place you want to buy, the next big challenge is choosing the right type of loan! In episode 6 of The Clever Way Home podcast, we discuss the different types of loans that are available, so you’ve got the right information to help make the best decision for you.

We talk about fixed and variable loans in detail, plus the different features available - like offset accounts, free redraw and extra repayments. We also explore the option of splitting your loan, so you can potentially make the benefits of both loan types work for you.

So, if you’re ready to talk loans, it’s worth having a listen to our top tips on choosing the right loan type first. Click here to listen to episode 6 of the podcast.

Important Information

The Clever Way Home podcast series contains general information only and doesn’t take into account your personal financial situation or goals.

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