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How to get the most out of digital banking

07 August 2017
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Monique Digina is a Member Service Advisor at Great Southern Bank's Macarthur Square branchn (previously CUA).

For many of us, using digital banking comes naturally. If we need to check a balance, transfer money, or even pay for a coffee, the first thing we grab is our smartphone.

But for plenty of other people, digital banking can seem scary and complex. With a little guidance, though, it’s neither of those things.

For example, we recently received a visit here at our branch in Macarthur Square in Ambarvale from a member who was having difficulty transferring money using Great Southern Bank Online Banking. She was frustrated and needed some help.

With some small tweaks to how her online banking was set up, the problem was easily fixed and she was able to complete her transfer. While she was in with us, we also set her up for mobile payments, allowing her to make secure payments on the go using her smartphone instead of her bank card.

So, just like this member did, my first tip for getting the most out of digital banking is…

1. Ask for help if you need it

If you’re not comfortable with using digital banking services, get help from someone who is. This might be a relative, a neighbour or anyone else you trust and who is familiar with digital banking. And, of course, you can always get help from us at Great Southern Bank, whether that’s by visiting us in branch, calling us on 133 282 or through our website.

2. Register for online banking

Getting set up for online banking is an important step on your digital banking journey. It means you can securely manage your money at any time, and from the comfort of your own home. You can transfer money, check your balances, update your personal details and preferences, check previous transactions, and more.

When you use online banking, you can also register for e-statements, meaning your Great Southern Bank account statement is delivered securely to your online banking inbox rather than through the post.

If you haven’t registered for digital banking yet, you can register online, call 133 282 or just drop into your nearest branch.

3. Download the Mobile Banking App

The Great Southern Bank Mobile Banking App, allows you to use our online banking tools and services on your phone or other mobile device. It means you can easily and securely manage your money, make payments, check your balances, and do much more.

Find out more about the Great Southern Bank Mobile Banking App and how to get it.

4. Get set up to pay with your phone through Android Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay

We’ve all had that experience at the checkout when you realise you don’t have your wallet. Now, though, you’re able to pay with your compatible smartphone anywhere you would normally tap your bank card. All you need to do is add your Great Southern Bank debit or credit card to your preferred mobile payment app.

It’s secure because your card details aren’t saved on your phone or shared with the retailer, as well as easy to set up and use.

Find out more about how it works.

5. Keep your details up to date

Once you’re set up for the various digital banking tools, it’s important to keep your personal details and preferences up to date, particularly your email address and phone number. That way your account will run more smoothly and be more secure (for example, so we can contact you on the correct phone number to authorise payments).

6. Remember to keep an eye out for upgrades and improvements

Digital banking is always evolving as new, better and more secure technology comes along. As a result, the services we offer to members are regularly updated and improved so that you get the best experience possible.

We’ll always keep our members up to date on the latest services that are available, but dropping into your local branch and checking our website are good ways of making sure you’re making the most of the latest digital banking services offered by Great Southern Bank.

Following these steps will help you to make the most of your Great Southern Bank account and save time for the other things in your life.

Digital Banking

Digital banking at Great Southern bank is customised to make everyday banking easy. Make fast payments, get account notifications & more when you bank with us.

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