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How financially empowered are Australians?

12 May 2019
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How financially empowered are Australians?

As a member-owned organisation, GSB is working to educate and empower members to improve their financial wellbeing.

To help us better understand consumer behaviour and attitudes towards banking and money, we engaged an independent research company to survey 1,000 adult Australians.

We explored barriers to borrowing and spending, trust and choice in who we bank with, how our upbringing shapes our financial literacy, relationships and money, and how adults and kids allocate our pocket money.

Here are some of the highlights. Click to download larger version.

For more information:

About the research

The research was conducted by the Online Research Unit ( between 26 February and 1 March 2019. The ORU research panels are recruited both offline and online, using post, phone, print and online recruitment methods. Offline recruitment avoids the bias of relying solely on online channels i.e. Urban, heavy online users, etc. The survey audience for the CUA( now GSB) research was a representative sample of the Australian population, as compared to ABS population data, to ensure the results are robust and reflective of the wider Australian population.




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