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Cashing in on clutter

24 April 2019
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Cashing in on clutter

Decluttering around your home for health and wellbeing reasons is the big trend for 2019. Driven by the popularity of Japanese organising expert Marie Kondo, via her books and Netflix show ‘Tidying Up’, Australians are embracing the clutter-free philosophy in droves. In fact, charity St Vincent de Paul reported a 38 per cent increase in donations  for the start of 2019. The treasures we’re clearing out and donating range from clothes and books, to everyday household items and appliances.

Whether Aussies are using the Shinto-inspired KonMari method, or just clearing up around the house in their own way, it’s clear that they see clutter as a bad thing. Many authors agree, believing that clutter can affect our anxiety levels, sleep, as well as our ability to focus. Apart from feeling better about ourselves, decluttering may also offer some financial rewards. Here are our four tips to cash in on your clutter.

Cold hard cash
If you’re running a second fridge, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars in electricity charges just by keeping it switched on. Unless you’re using it daily, turn it off and turn on the savings. Of course, if you don’t need it, why not sell it online and get some cash for it?

Clear out and sell out
Whether it’s unwanted Christmas gifts, clothes that aren’t quite so 2019 or household items that have lost their shine, you can make some extra cash by selling your items either in a garage sale, second hand stores (Cash Converters, pawn shops) or online through sites like eBay and Gumtree. Do some research on what similar items are selling for and which method will get you the best price with the least hassle.

Sell your old phones and gadgets
Not everyone wants or can afford the latest technology. Many people buy second hand smartphones, tablets, game consoles and laptops that suit their needs perfectly. So rather than dump or store your old gadgets in a box to gather dust, sell them for cash. Just make sure you clear your device of your photos and data by restoring it to factory settings or reformatting the hard drive. If you’re upgrading your phone, check if your telco offers a trade-in – it could be a few hundred dollars off your phone bill.

Bulk sell books, vinyl, CDs, DVDs and games
Older music and movie formats can take up a lot of space – particularly if you’ve acquired a decent collection over the years. And while playing older format media may be a problem for you, there are certainly lots of people out there who relish the crackle of a stylus on a vinyl album. Selling one or two items at a time may prove a hassle if you have to mail to multiple buyers, so consider bundling them into a collection. Old hard cover books in good condition are also sought-after items for some collectors. Check the publishing details before putting them up for sale as you may find you have a rare first edition worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Decluttering can be good for both your wellbeing and cash flow, so have a look around your place to see what you don’t use and could sell. Remember, what’s one person’s trash is another’s treasure.




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