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What is iM CUA?

iM CUA is a convenient instant messaging app that allows you to securely chat with a CUA Personal Banker of your choice. You can message a real person (not a ‘bot’) from anywhere, when it suits you.

What is my Great Southern Bank Customer Number and password and where do I find them?

Your Great Southern Bank Customer Number can be found in ‘Settings/Personal details’ within Great Southern Bank Online or Mobile Banking. It is a 2-9 digit number.

Your password is the alphanumeric passcode you use to access Great Southern Bank Online or Mobile Banking.

Still not sure? Contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411.

What can my CUA Personal Banker do for me?

Your iM CUA Personal Banker can help with a range of general banking and insurance enquiries, from updating your information, checking transactions and stopping or ordering cards, to helping with lending enquiries and new product applications.

Is my information secure?

Yes. All your information is protected, and your data is secure. Your messages are encrypted in transit and we use industry standard security protocols. We have invested in ensuring this is safe for our customers and Great Southern Bank.

Will this cost me anything?

No. iM CUA is free to download and a complimentary service.

Is this app separate from my Great Southern Bank Mobile Banking app?

Yes, this app is separate from the existing Great Southern Bank Mobile Banking app.

How do I sign up and login to the app?

Download the iM CUA app through the App Store or Google Play. Accept the Terms and Conditions then you can login using your Great Southern Bank Customer Number and password. Select your iM CUA Personal Banker – you’re then ready to start chatting.

Can I login to iM CUA using my fingerprint or other biometrics?

Yes, biometric log in is available with the iM CUA app.

New to iM CUA:
The first time you log into the iM CUA app, you’ll need to enter your Customer number, password and select ‘enable biometrics’. Providing your device supports biometrics, you’ll be able to log in using Face ID/Touch ID for Apple and Finger Scan for Android.

Current iM CUA user:
If you already have the iM CUA app and a phone with biometrics capability, you can check if biometrics is enabled by going into the settings menu on the app.

Can I use the app if I’m not a Great Southern Bank customer?

Right now, iM CUA can only be accessed by customers using their Great Southern Bank Customer Number and password. You can contact our team about becoming a Great Southern Bank customer by calling us on 1800 931 411.

What if I can’t login to the app?

If you’re having any issues logging in to the app, or if you’ve forgotten your Great Southern Bank Customer Number or password, please contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411 to help.

How do I choose a CUA Personal Banker?

When you login to iM CUA for the first time you’ll have the opportunity to read each of our CUA Personal Banker’s bios (called advisors in the app). You can then select the one who feels like a good match for you.

How do I change my CUA Personal Banker?

To change your CUA Personal Banker, just click on the menu and select ‘Choose new iM CUA Advisor’. You’ll be directed to the ‘New Advisor’ page where you can click the ‘Choose’ button to read the bios for each of our CUA Personal Bankers. Simply select another one.

Do I have to keep using my iM CUA Personal Banker for everything I do with Great Southern Bank?

Great Southern Bank offers another convenient channel to interact with Great Southern Bank. It’s aimed to complement, not replace Great Southern Bank Online or Mobile Banking, branches, or our customer contact centre. iM CUA is ideal for times when you can’t get into a branch or don’t have time to call us.

Do my bank accounts and balances link to the iM CUA app?

Your Great Southern Bank banking information will not populate into the iM CUA app. Your CUA Personal Banker can access your accounts through our secure systems, just as our branch and contact centre specialists do.

Will my information be shared?

Your personal information will not be shared outside Great Southern Bank. However, statistics on user activity within the app may be shared with the app developer, Kony Inc. Kony will not have access to your personal information. It will be anonymised information such as the number of chats within the app, times users have logged in, mobile device types used, location of users and other chat usage data that will help it continue to improve the app.

What are CUA Personal Bankers?

Your CUA Personal Banker is a real CUA team member. They’ve been selected based on their broad knowledge and commitment to providing the best customer experience possible.

What do I do if I experience a bug in the app?

Please let your CUA Personal Banker know of any issues or feedback within the app. If you have technical issues, please contact the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411. Most issues can be resolved by exiting the app and reopening it.

Will the service be 24/7?

iM CUA is currently available from Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm (AEST) and Sat: 8:00am - 4:00pm (AEST). The hours each of our CUA Personal Bankers are available are listed on their bio within the app. However, just because your CUA Personal Banker isn’t online, doesn’t mean you can’t message them. Simply send them a message and they’ll get back to you as soon as they can. If you need help quickly, you can always select another CUA Personal Banker, then switch back later.

Accessing iM CUA

How do I download the app and what devices are compatible?

The iM CUA app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

The app is available on Apple iPhones 6 and above supporting iOS 8 or later.

The app is also available on Android devices supporting OS 6.1 or later.

As new devices and operating systems are updated, we’ll update the device and operating system support. The most recent device compatibility advice can be found in the app stores.

At this point in time, Windows mobile phones do not have access to the app.

iPads and Android tablets

You may be able to download the app for your tablet, however the app has not been optimised yet for these devices.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password, simply go to the login page for Great Southern Bank Online Banking, click on the ‘Reset your password button and follow the steps.

If you enter an incorrect password multiple times, access will be locked. If this happens, you'll need to call the iM CUA team on 1800 931 411 to reset it.