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When reading these terms and conditions you will need to be familiar with the following words and phrases:

NPP Payments are payments cleared and settled via the New Payments Platform (NPP).

PayID is a unique identifier used for NPP Payments.

PayID Name means the name that identifies a user of the PayID Service.  People sending money using NPP Payments will see the recipients PayID Name before confirming the transaction.

PayID Service means the addressing service for sending and receiving NPP Payments.

PayID Type means the type of unique identifier used for NPP Payments.  PayID Types include phone numbers, email addresses, Australian Business Numbers and other organisational identifiers.

we, us and our means Great Southern Bank

you and your means a customer who uses the PayID Service

1.1 PayID is the addressing service that enables payers to make NPP Payments without using a BSB and account number.

1.2 Before you can register a PayID for your account, you must satisfy us that you own or have the right to use the PayID.

1.3 You (and signatories on your account) may send NPP Payments from your account using the PayID of an intended recipient if both we and the payee’s financial institution support the particular NPP Payment service, and if the payee’s account is eligible to receive the particular NPP Payment.

1.4 Our General Information Terms and Conditions, available via the “Terms and conditions” link at, contains information on how to make NPP Payments, when accounts will be debited or credited, obligations relating to inputting the correct PayID and checking the payee’s PayID Name and your right to recover Misdirected Payments and unauthorized (including fraudulent) NPP Payments.

1.5 The General Information Terms and Conditions also include important information on how to create, transfer and cancel PayIDs.  Notably, by registering a PayID on your account, you agree to notify us if you no longer have the authority to use that PayID.  You also agree to us locking your PayID if we reasonably suspect that it is being used to obtain NPP Payments fraudulently.

1.6 PayID Types we accept include mobile numbers, email addresses and ABN/ACN.

1.7 You may create a PayID as long as it is a PayID Type we support.  Some PayID Types are restricted to certain classes of customer.  For example, ABN/ACN are restricted to business customers and organisations.

1.8 Your PayID Name may be displayed to payers who send NPP Payments to you. At the same time you create your PayID, we will either issue you a PayID Name or enable you to select your own PayID Name, such as your business name.

1.9 We will not register a PayID Name that we consider could mislead or deceive a payer into sending you NPP Payments intended for another payee, or that we otherwise deem inappropriate.

1.10 By creating your PayID you consent to us recording your PayID, PayID Name and account details in the PayID Service to enable payers to make NPP Payments to you, and to the extent that such recording and use constitutes a disclosure and use of personal information within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988, consent to that disclosure and use.