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Introducing Great Southern Bank
We’re excited to have changed our name to Great Southern Bank – a name that reflects our proud history and supports us as Australia’s largest customer-owned bank.

It’s an exciting time with some big changes planned to improve the products and services we offer you. One thing that’ll never change is our commitment to supporting you, our customers.
Our proud history

Since 1946, we’ve been putting our customers first and helping Australians own their own home. We believe that’s more important now than ever, especially for younger people. It’s with that purpose in mind, we’re evolving to stay relevant in the future.

A hard decision made easy

The decision for change wasn’t made lightly. After extensive market research, we learned that more than half of Australians, particularly younger people, don’t know what a credit union is. Pretty alarming. But then, who does their credit unioning?

To grow and best serve our customers, we needed to rebrand to a bank. But not just any bank. A bank that’s customer-owned with 100% of profits reinvested into innovative and competitive products for customers.

You don't need to do anything

From 1 June 2021, you’ll see our new brand identity and logo on our website and online and mobile banking.

Your accounts, account numbers, and loans all stay as they are for now, as do our call centres. Branches will get updated in the next few months.

Your CUA debit and credit cards will continue to work.

If you use our digital wallet (eg. have your cards on your phone or Apple Watch), a new Great Southern Bank card image will be updated into your wallet on 1 June.

As you can imagine, changing our name is a big project, and it’ll take time to update everything. This means you’re likely to see both CUA and Great Southern Bank branding together for some time.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for your support.

Welcome to our future. Welcome to Great Southern Bank
We’ve changed our name and got a great new look, but the benefits to you, our customers, go deeper. We’ll be improving our product offering and services as we focus on our commitment to helping all Australians own their own home.

Frequently asked questions

Do customers need a new password to access online banking / mobile banking?
  • No, customers can continue to use their existing password.
Do customers need to download a new mobile banking app?
  • No, customers will simply need to update their existing app to enjoy the new Great Southern Bank experience.
Do online banking bookmarks still work?
  • Yes, we’ll have redirects in place to ensure that there is a seamless experience for customers who have bookmarked our online banking site or attempt to access the site with our old URL.
Is there any change in website, online banking or mobile banking security practices?
  • No, our customers will continue to enjoy the same level of security, though it will look different.
When will customers receive newly branded debit cards and credit cards?
  • Newly branded debit and credit cards will be issued to customers when their existing CUA cards are about to expire. If customers are ordering a new or replacement card, they will receive a card with our new branding.
  • If customers have provisioned their card in their digital wallet, a newly branded card image will automatically replace the old one.
Does our 133 282 (133 CUA) phone number change for customers?
  • No, this number will not change. However, we will change all our forms and documents to display only 133 282 to avoid any confusion.
Will my health insurance policy still be branded CUA?
  • Through the acquisition, CUA Health members will enjoy the benefits of being part of a much bigger health insurer. CUA Health will come under the name HBF in the near future - there will be further communications on this closer to the date of the name change.
What is our new purpose?
  • Helping all Australians own their own homes.
Why do we need to rebrand?
  • More than half of Australians don’t know what a credit union does - and that number jumps to 70% when you look at millennials.
  • Rebranding as a bank will make what we do clear to our customers and help us support generations to come.
When did we launch our new brand?
  • We will change our name to Great Southern Bank on 1 June 2021.
  • That is the day our website and app will change from CUA to Great Southern Bank.
  • The signage in branches will be a more gradual process with only a few to change over on June 1.
How quickly is this happening?
  • Some changes will happen relatively quickly in June, such as changes to our website and logo.
  • Other changes will happen more gradually, and you will see a period where both brands co-exist.
  • Our intention is that in time everything will be rebranded as Great Southern Bank.
Are we going to demutualise?
  • No. We are passionate about being owned by our customers. We are not considering changes to our ownership structure; this is about our positioning in the market.