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Provide your  current tax residency information

Great Southern Bank is currently contacting customers in regards to updating their tax residency information. If you've heard from us, you've come to the right place.

How to provide your information
1. Verify your identity

Simply go to the tax portal to confirm your details. You'll need to provide your member number and date of birth.

2. Provide your current tax residency information

Enter your current tax residency information.

3. Confirm your details

Check you've entered the correct details and confirm.

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Why are we legally required to do this?

Financial institutions such as Great Southern Bank are required to collect tax residency information from their customers as part of Australia’s international obligations around the exchange of financial account information.

For more detail on why we are required to collect your tax residency information, please refer to our FAQ page.

What should you expect?

If we are unsure of your current tax residency information, we will contact you directly by email, post or phone. For more details on the type of information we are required to collect, please refer to our FAQ page.

We have engaged ConfirmIT to assist us with the collection of tax residency information from our customers. You may notice that the tax portal is provided by ConfirmIT, however your personal information will remain secure.

Can I update my details another way?

If you don’t wish to use the portal, you can provide your current tax residency information the following way:

Call our Customer Contact Centre

You can contact us on 133 282 (option 6) Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 7:00pm (AEDT), Sat: 8:00am - 4:00pm (AEDT).

When do you need to update your information by?

All tax residency information should be provided as soon as you can. If you do not respond, we may be required to report your account information to the ATO.

Please be advised that failure to provide your current tax residency information or Tax Identification Number (if applicable) may result in the closure of your account. Penalties apply for providing false and misleading information, so it is important to provide the correct information to us.

It's extremely important that you provide us with your tax residency information. That’s why you may notice we’ll contact you through multiple channels, such as messages in online banking and via SMS to collect your details. If you do not provide us with your tax details, your account will be blocked on 1 November 2021 and subsequently closed shortly after.

Information about your privacy

Our Great Southern Bank Privacy Policy includes details on how you can access information we hold about you, how you can correct information if you believe it isn’t accurate, a list of other entities we may share your information with (including the types of information we share and your rights in relation to that information), and what to do if you believe we’ve breached the Privacy Act or Australian Privacy Principles (including how we’ll handle your complaint).