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Common Things People Forget When They Travel

20 July 2022
• 3 minutes read

Your flights are booked, and bags are packed… you’re ready to go on a well-deserved holiday at last. Or are you?

To help ensure you’re travel-fit, we’ve created a list of some of the most common things people forget to do before they head off overseas.

Check your passport and visa validity

Did you know that some countries require you to have six months validity remaining on your passport? The absolute last place you want to find this out is at the airport. You also don’t want to discover that you should have applied for a tourist visa, even for a short trip.

Check your passport expiration date well in advance and find out whether you need a visa for your destination. It’s also super important to check vaccination and COVID test requirements for your intended destination – including any transiting destinations too.

Let your bank know

It’s really important to tell your bank that you’ll be traveling overseas BEFORE you go. It’s not just to make them jealous or so they know to follow you on Instagram and like your snaps. It’s to avoid the potential nightmare of having your card(s) frozen because your bank sees “suspicious” charges from another county.

So, remember to give your bank a call and tell them when and where you’re going.

Pack the plastic

Sure, you can take any ‘ol credit card overseas, but choosing one with a 55-day interest-free period on purchases will give you more time to pay off your holiday spending.

And if you’re going to be splurging more than usual, you may as well be doing it on a card with a generous rewards program, right? Now if you could just swing complimentary travel insurance as well…. Oh, hang on - you can! Call us biased but the Great Southern Bank Platinum Credit Card makes for a great holiday companion.

Check you have fee-free access to your money

Going on holiday can be expensive enough without having to pay for the privilege of accessing your own money while you’re away. Some everyday accounts like the Great Southern Bank Everyday Edge Account waive international card transaction fees and overseas ATM fees when the eligibility criteria are met – saving you more money for spending. Yay!

Set up your online banking

If you haven’t done so already, setting up online banking before you go is a great way to keep tabs on your account and track your spending. You can also easily move money around to where it’s needed and set up scheduled payments, so no bills go unpaid while you’re away. And should the unthinkable happen, and your card is lost or stolen, you can cancel it or put a temporary block on it quickly and easily.

Online banking is also a handy tool to help you stay in touch with your bank should you need to contact them.

Pre-book your rental

If you’re planning to rent a car or a camper van while you’re away, booking in advance can save you money, plus precious holiday time at your destination.

Before you book, remember to check your credit card, some cards like the Great Southern Bank Platinum Credit Card offer a limited Rental Vehicle Excess Cover*.

It’s also worth checking that your driving license is valid where you’re going or your holiday might not get out of first gear!

And finally…

Situations can change quickly, so it’s a good idea to visit for information on your destination and to register your travel plans.

Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Happy travels.

Important Information

*Please visit Platinum Credit Card to view the Terms and Conditions.

Great Southern Bank, a business name of Credit Union Australia Ltd ABN 44 087 650 959, AFSL 238317. Conditions, fees and charges apply. This is general information and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs.  Consider the appropriateness of the information, including the Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) booklet, before acting on it. The Financial Claims Scheme may apply to this product; refer to the T&Cs for more information

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