Chapter 3

Reaching More Members

CUA has continued to increase its reach to a wider member base by establishing and maintaining partnerships with like-minded organisations. This year, we achieved record net member growth of 33,289 across our banking and health insurance businesses, adding more than twice as many members compared to last year. We are now contributing to the financial wellbeing of around 550,000 Australians.

Bolstering our commitment to financial wellbeing

During the year, CUA directed a significant proportion of our community investment to growing the financial wellbeing of our members and the communities around them.

In late 2018, CUA partnered with the National Affordable Housing Consortium to support the BuyAssist shared-equity home ownership scheme, providing an opportunity for eligible Australians to own their own home and grow their financial wellbeing. To date, CUA has helped 14 couples and families into homes, allowing them to build equity, enjoy stability, establish roots and contribute to their communities in the long term.

Additionally, in 2019 we welcomed two new community partners who will work with CUA to provide support and education through new initiatives:

  1. 1. Good Shepherd Microfinance: CUA will work with Good Shepherd Microfinance to develop a Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP). This collaboration allows CUA access to a community of practice where we can both learn from and share best practice with industry and cross-industry partners. The FIAP will also provide a clear framework to document CUA’s work to support the financial inclusion of our members and the communities around them.
  2. 2. Thriving Communities Partnership: We became a member of the Thriving Communities Partnership, joining a collaborative network of 170 organisations across business, academic, government and community sectors. CUA is committed to working with others to solve the complex issues that affect some of our members and their communities. This partnership aims to ensure there is a common approach by business to vulnerability and hardship, with the goal of ensuring everyone in Australia has fair access to essential services.

Another key focus for CUA was our continuing collaboration with Micah Projects to support people experiencing domestic and family violence (DFV). We extended this focus by developing a guide to equip our team members with the skills and knowledge to respectfully and effectively assist their colleagues who have been impacted by DFV.

Queensland Cricket

In the third year of our partnership with Queensland Cricket and the Brisbane Heat, we continued to lift CUA’s profile with new audiences.

In our first three seasons as a partner we’ve seen awareness and consideration of the CUA brand almost double among cricket fans, due to television audiences in the millions engaging with us, often for the first time, through this sponsorship. In particular, the women’s game continues to go from strength to strength and is seeing significant audience growth, boosted by the Brisbane Heat women’s team success as 2019 champions.

Additionally, our CUA Community Champions program has returned a total of $31,682 to 28 grassroots cricket clubs throughout Queensland. This initiative, which aligns with CUA’s purpose-led approach of putting members at the heart of all our decisions, injects funds into the community clubs where CUA is building valued banking relationships.

Meaningful relationships require an investment of time and energy. This is why we’ve committed to partnering with Queensland Cricket for a further three years to 2022, with a view to converting more Queensland Cricket supporters into valued members and build on the foundations we’ve laid over the past three seasons.

Carlton Football Club

Our partnership with Carlton Football Club in Victoria continues to thrive, delivering strong relationships and outcomes over the first two years of our collaboration, including:

Enhancing CUA’s accessibility to a diverse member base

In 2019, CUA implemented a new initiative to further demonstrate our commitment to promoting cultural diversity and improving our member connection.

Branch team members can now identify themselves as being multilingual or to highlight that they have originated from overseas, to help members. Approximately 53 team members are now proudly displaying the flag of the country they identify with on their name badges, so members can discuss their banking needs in their native language.