Our Mutual JourneyOur Mutual Journey

CUA is proud to present to members our Annual Report for the financial year ending 30 June 2019. The report highlights our performance and achievements against our four strategic pillars – Scalable, Great Experiences, More Members and Adaptable. Importantly, it also demonstrates how CUA, in conjunction with our members, continues to be driven by Our Purpose of ‘Members working together through life’s changes for mutual good’. This guiding principle ensures that our members are always at the heart of everything we do.

A message from our CEO & Chairman

It is a privilege to reflect on the continuation of CUA’s mutual journey in 2019. A clear focus on our members’ interests has seen us pursue exciting new initiatives, including our continued investment in digital channels and streamlining processes to ensure we remain relevant to members today and into the future.

Rob Goudswaard
Nigel Ampherlaw

Chapter 1

Scalable Solutions

We continued to focus on developing scalable technologies and processes, as well as building strong partnerships, throughout the year. Building a scalable business will help us respond to the changing preferences and expectations of our members, as well as grow our business by attracting new members.

Chapter 2

Great Experiences

We’ve remained focused on delivering new products, effortless services and improved digital solutions so that our members can benefit from a consistent and positive experience.

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  • Transforming our branches
  • Simple and competitive products
  • Improving our mobile banking experience

Chapter 3

Reaching More Members

CUA has continued to increase its reach to a wider member base by establishing and maintaining partnerships with like-minded organisations. This year, we achieved record net member growth of 33,289 across our banking and health insurance businesses, adding more than twice as many members compared to last year. We are now contributing to the financial wellbeing of around 550,000 Australians.

Chapter 4

An Adaptable Organisation

We’ve been transforming our business by building capabilities and improving our culture to continue to respond to our members’ expectations and changes in the industry. In doing so, we’re building an adaptable organisation that remains competitive and sustainable into the future.

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