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Financial inclusion is part of our DNA

Great Southern Bank has a deep heritage of supporting Australians to secure their financial futures. Providing access to fair and affordable finance, and helping Australians improve their financial wellbeing, is part of our DNA. It’s why we began as a member-owned organisation, with our origins dating back as far as 1946.

While Great Southern Bank has grown and changed substantially over that time, one thing that has not changed is our unwavering commitment to supporting the financial aspirations of our members through all life stages.

Our 2020-21 Financial Inclusion Action Plan reaffirms our commitment to help financially excluded groups, something which has been at the heart of our mutual ethos throughout our history.

It demonstrates our ongoing commitment to offering banking and insurance products, services and resources to improve lives and build the financial wellbeing of more than 500,000 members and their communities.

Areas of focus:

For many Australians, issues like housing affordability, family violence, and digital exclusion present ongoing challenges to financial security. More than three million Australians are unable to access safe, affordable and appropriate financial services when they need them.

Our FIAP includes a continued focus on these issues, many of which have been potentially exacerbated by COVID-19.

The actions detailed in our 2020-21 plan look at improving products and services, building financial capability, understanding financial vulnerability and strengthening economic security. Collectively, these actions will help to ensure better social and economic outcomes.

About the FIAP program:

This plan sees Great Southern Bank join other like-minded organisations in the FIAP program, a national program aimed at promoting economic wellbeing and financial inclusion. The program is supported by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand, the Australian Government, EY and the Centre for Social Impact.

Learn more about the FIAP program.

Documents & resources:

Key FIAP initiatives